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My experience with homeopathic treatment has had a radical impact on my life. A year ago I was severely depressed and doctors suggested that I take anti depression medication. I turned to Erika and Karen as an alternative form of treatment. Since then, I have felt happier and more in control of my life. I don't think that the conditions around me have changed my mood; I still live a busy, stressful, and hectic life, but my treatment and sessions with Erika have given me the tools to live my life with mental and emotional stability.

Dr. Tara Goodrich

I had been struggling with a medical issue for 4 years and I went to so many doctors and then two hot-shot specialists in NYC with no results at all. Then I finally went to an acupuncturist and I took herbal remedies for long time. As a real last resort because I knew so little about homeopathy, I went to a homeopath and within 4 weeks my medical problem was gone. I am so grateful and such a proponent now of homeopathy!

Nina Frenkel

I came to NY Homeopathy with a chronic stomach discomfort that had recently gotten worse, and I didn't know what to do about it. Through working with Erika and Karen, this discomfort has practically disappeared. The additional and unexpected bonus from working with this astute and diligent team of Homeopaths is that I have arrived at insights about the internal logic of my mind and body that I consider very helpful for continuing to grow and experience good health. I highly recommend this practice.

Evita Robinson

I stepped into Erika Simonian's office as someone who had scattered bouts of anxiety. In dealing with this condition for over four years, I was ready to try something new. I'd always shunned synthetic drugs to treat my panic attacks and I wanted to try homeopathy. It took a nudging from my therapist, but before I knew it, I was having my consultation. My homeopathic remedy, and Erika - have both helped me find a safe haven within myself. I have never seen such a marked change in my thought process and physical wellness. Through tears, I have thanked Erika for giving me a piece of my life back. Her help has aided in my being able to deal with huge emotional decisions in my life, including my recent move to Japan. I am grateful for her work and look forward to continuing the process through my time in Japan and after my return to New York.

Nathan Lacy

I must admit that I had no idea what Homeopathic medicine entailed before my treatment, but since I had been dealing with sinus troubles for many years, I thought I would give it a try. I was blown away by my experience with Karen. Not only was my condition relieved, but my experience went far beyond my physical condition and expectations. I connected with Karen on many levels during my treatment and I discovered that my physical ailments were directly affected by my mental and spiritual being. I am certainly no hippie and I consider myself a fairly skeptical person, but Homeopathic remedies along with Karen's guidance have helped me be a healthier, more productive person.

Kaya Laterman

Erika Simonian has helped me and my two toddlers for several years with much patience and care. Between hormonal changes in myself to battling tough colds and flus with my kids, Erika has helped my family in more ways than one. I can't say enough great things about her and the practice.

Steve Weissberg

Before speaking with Erika, I felt that explaining my problem to a general doctor would cause me great fears. What I realized shortly into my first visit with Erika was that her part of figuring out how to help you was to talk to you about what is not only bothering you, but beyond that – to really talk about what’s going on. One answer from me would lead to another question. When I did start to take the remedy that Erika recommended, I started to get a sense right away that she picked up on what my body was missing. I have only felt better since starting my sessions with her.